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MONTE Day Use (M0101)

RM 15.00

MONTE SANITARY PAD is a high-grade feminine sanitary pad designed with the latest cutting-edge technology which composed of a total of 8layers where high level of quality assurance is enforced and monitored from the selection of raw materials to the entire production processes.


Product functions  / 产品功能:

Regulate menstrual period cycle / 调节月经的周期 

Relieve menstrual cramp / pain  / 减少经痛 

Anti-odor & reduce white discharge / 减少异味及白带 

Improve fertility / 提高生育能力 

Anti-bacteria & anti-itch / 抗菌及抗痒 

Improve endocrine system, balance physiological function / 改善内分泌,平衡和协调生理机能 

Cell activation, promote blood circulation & metabolism / 活化细胞,促进血液循环及新陈代谢 

Improve immune system / 提升免疫力

What inside the parcel  / 包裹产品包括:

1 X Day Use 245mm (10 pads per box) / 日用245mm(每包10片)

Product Materials / 产品原材料

ULTRA THIN & SOFT COTTON: 100% pure cotton surface layer for optimal comfort without irritation. 

超薄及柔软棉层:100% 纯棉表层提供最佳的舒适度。

WELL-BEING & HEALTH: Our 3-in-1 core stripe with Negative Ions, Nano Silver and Far Infra Ray is help to improve health & hygiene effects. Negative ions with count more than 6,000 cm³ is effective to provide oxygen and cleaning for vagina. Nano Silver with protection function to prevent bacteria growth. Far Infrared Ray with physical improvement function to effectively promote blood circulation.

保健功能:我们的三合一芯片融合了负离子、纳米银和远红外线,有助于改善健康和达到卫生的良好效果。负离子计数超过 6,000 cm³ 可有效提供氧气以清洁阴道。纳米银具有保护功能,可防止细菌滋生。远红外线具有改善体质的功能,有效促进血液循环。

POWERFUL ABSORBENT: Our Superb Absorbent Polymer (SAP) with strong fluid absorption up to 200ml.

高强吸收力:我们的日本高份子(SAP)拥有超强的液体吸收功能,高达 200 毫升。

ECO-FRIENDLY: Chemical-free, no chlorine, unscented, food grade adhesive.


BREATHABLE: Breathable bottom layer to release humid and heaty air. Say goodbye for embarrassment!